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I am a husband, father of 6, grandfather of 15, this may have to be updated from time to time, a Christian. We live in Central Arkansas, yes we say woooo pig soooie!!!, though not as much this year. I'm a retired 31+ year Paramedic, serious amateur photographer, many of the pictures on this site were taken on cruises which Falisa, my wife, and I took. Our Creator has provided us a beautiful and amazing world to live in. I also build antique reproduction furniture, computers, and am becoming an accomplished cook specializing in grilled and smoked meats. The easiest way to get our kids to bring the grandchildren over is to offer them something from the smoker or the grill. Thank you for visiting our gallery. It's our hope that you've enjoyed your visit, I plan on updating the gallery frequently, not only with cruise photos, but with a wide variety of beautiful images.

Uncle Buck